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A little bit about my story

This is your very first post (as WordPress tells me!) and yes, it is! Welcome to, a blog about my journey before starting this website and why I decided to make one.

I have wanted to start a blog for a long time, and with a few attempts and failures, I am ready to start. A few weeks ago after catching the bus home from a long 10 hour day at work, I felt exhausted, physically and mentally. I know everyone feels like this at certain points in time but this time I couldn’t get over the fact that I felt like I had achieved nothing in life over those 10 hours, that week or even the 3 weeks before that. Yes we are all ‘busy’ but was I happy….NO. I came home, flopped myself onto the couch and watched episode after episode of television shows on Netflix. Did that help? Definitely not.

And what did I do the next day? The same thing. Feeling like I still wasn’t achieving anything or doing anything with my life. The true is I wasn’t helping myself either. I was tired of life. I felt stuck. I felt unhappy and it was starting to wear on my partner too.

I soon realised that if I didn’t make some small changes nothing was going to change and I would continue to feel sorry for myself. So my partner Pete, suggested listening to some podcasts about productivity and happiness. I really didn’t think they would change anything, but I gave it a go. I am so thankful that I did! I found this podcast called ‘Get Busy Living’ and it changed everything. I realised my major flaw, I didn’t have a hobby.

Every day I would get up and exercise, go to work and come home and have nothing to do apart from washing, cleaning, cooking, watching television and the occasional catch up with friends. I needed something productive to do with my time. This is why I have started a website/blog.

Join me as I try to figure out what makes me happy, what my passions are and how to make the most of life and get ‘unstuck’. Hopefully If you are feeling like me we can take this journey together and find happiness and build a healthy lifestyle.

Rhianna xx




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