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Health Benefits of a Morning Routine

I am a morning person and I acknowledge that everyone isn’t but if you haven’t tried before, how can you really know?

Years of working in hospitality and waking up at 4am to start my shift made me a morning person and even now that I start work at 8:30am I get up early. Why? I get asked this by a lot of people, “why do you get up so early, even on weekends?”

Why? Because I have a routine and it makes me feel good. I have started to write a list of goals every week to help me stay motivated. Waking up early gives you so much more time to be productive before your day even really begins! There are so many ways to kick start your morning and make the most of your time. I can notice a huge difference in my body and attitude when I follow a morning routine and day’s when I don’t.

On a routine day I set my alarm for 5:15am. I get up and I exercise depending on how my body feels. Some days it might be a 5km run and others it’s a 3km walk. It all counts. When I get back I  have a shower, do my skincare routine and make a cup of warm lemon water. Fresh lemon in warm water has countless health benefits. Lemon water aids digestion, flushes out toxins, boosts your immune system, makes your skin look clearer and brighter, promotes healing, whitens teeth and assists with weight loss. Is there anything it can’t do?

After drinking my lemon water and preparing a healthy breakfast. I sit down to eat. This is so important! So many of us eat on the run because we are in a rush to get places or we are already late. Making time to relax in the morning and have a nutritious breakfast can change your entire day. Taking the time to actually enjoy the food we consume has been linked to consuming less calories and better digestion. Don’t be a mindless eater. Pull up a seat and enjoy what you eat!

Another important thing that I do in the mornings is write down 5 things I am grateful for. Gratitude has been proven to improve psychological health. It makes people happier, reduces depression, improves relationships and self esteem. Believe me, it helps when you are feeling down or upset about things that aren’t going your way. Try it for 1 week and see if it makes any changes in your life.

On the weekends I let my body sleep until it feels rested, I don’t set an alarm. I try and find a different form of exercise to do on the weekends such as yoga, tennis or pilates. If you haven’t tried a different form of exercise that you have thought might be interesting – do it! So many fitness classes offer free trials – so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Whats the one thing you can do today to change your routine? What are you grateful for?

Rhianna xx

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